Saturday, May 14, 2011

On Knowing What to Expect From Character Interactions

Not all character interactions in a story, especially an RP, are fun and butterflies. (Well, they darn well had better not be, anyway.) Interactions can and should go sour, they should spiral into arguments or awkward silences or send the characters off sulking in opposite directions, because realistically nobody is universally liked, and nobody universally likes everybody. A "negative" interaction can be just as sound and interesting as a "positive" one, often even more so. Sometimes, though, when I see an interaction go bad, shortly afterward I see one of the players involved, often the initiator, react with surprise and dismay: why won't anyone interact with me?, they say.

Well, here we go to answer that question. Note: This is about the reactions of characters, not about how to respond to constructive criticism from players.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Random Question Time

Going to be dead for a while due to finals, so starting a new blog category is clearly the way to go: random questions! These'll show up when I'm too dead to write! So, for this one:

What was your favorite/most-remembered song or soundtrack from video games from when you were a kid?

Pokemon Silver/Crystal for me.