Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In which I introduce the blog

Hello world!

I'm just some person, with a lot of opinions. I've been considering getting a blog for a while now because there are lots of things that I'd like to rant about. I will try not to be terribly boring about it.

To start out with this blog is probably going to be a lot of rants about writing, especially in the context of a role-playing game. Over time it will likely grow to include rants about many other topics.

On the subject of the writing rants, since they'll be the majority of the blog for a while: the writing rants are inspired by the wonderful ones Limyaael did. She knows a lot more about this stuff than me and hers are likely a lot better; I just found that a lot of issues in text RPs I've been in are kind of unique to the format, so I thought I'd address those at least a little. Read hers too, though, they're excellent, and are much more broadly focused than mine will be.

With that... let's go! (sounds of fireworks that turn out to not be celebratory sparklers, but just the writer spontaneously combusting from the surprise of actually having started a blog)